Green House Specifications

  • Keep In Mind Following Parameters

    Type of crops + growth and quality requirements.

    Market destination and demands (quality, quantity, means and time of supply).

    Examination of Area: Soil and ground analysis (physical conditions and chemical composition), detailed climate data including maximum, minimum and average temperatures (daytime and night-time), relative humidity at 10:00 am and at 5:00 pm, wind velocity and direction, radiation levels (hours and quantities), rainfall (annual quantities and maximum mm/h), snowfall (quantities + loads), hail and instances of unusual natural phenomena.

    Definition of Area: Topographical examination and appropriate planning including drainage, ground sloping and directions of planting as per radiation angles.

    Choice of greenhouse model and appropriate accessories, in accordance with individual demands + a packing house, central service center, access routes and computerized control systems.

    Economic Review: Survey of economic advantages + sources of finance.

  • Guidelines to Built it:

    TFunctional, easy to operate

    Allows for planting a variety of crops

    Strong enough to withstand extreme local climate conditions (wind, snow, hail)

    Strong enough to support the load of internal service systems and plant foliage

    Minimum shading

    EMaximum longevity

    Easy to service, cover and recover with clouding material

  • Characteristics :

    Wide variety of structures for various agricultural needs: vegetables, flowers, packing houses.

    Modular structures suitable for all types of flexible and hard coverings.

    Prefabricated designs and structures ready for the immediate or future installation of all modern technological systems and equipment, without the need for structural alterations.

    Open steel profiles, eliminating the need for pipes.

    Highest quality hot dip galvanized steel, up to 80 microns.

    Wide variety of structures suitable for all weather conditions, with the option of appropriate alternatives to suit unusual climates or individual requirements.

    Choice of gutter heights ranging from 2.2 meters to 5 meters.

    Choice of gable spans ranging from 6.4 meters to 12.8 meters.

    Structures capable of withstanding gusts of wind from 120 km/h up to 180 km/h.

    Structures capable of supporting snow loads up to 50kg/m2.

    Structures capable of supporting trellising weights up to 25 kg/m2

    Unique aluminum locking profiles, connectors and fasteners, eliminating the need for wood (supplied to customer specifications)

    After sales service, including expert technical engineers and agronomists, operating from the central service center in Israel, as well as from local centers around the world.

    Modular structures that can easily be dismantled and transferred from location to location.

  • Basic Terminology:

    Greenhouse Span

    Pole Distance

    Greenhouse Height


    Main Poles